It seems an uneasy task to market a new technology on a well-established market. Especially if we speak on a new technology, targeted to corporate customers, who have usually located far away from your headquarter, and who have good, old relations with other trusted providers.

But the world is small, and the method of placing your company in a position where it receives the attention from potentially interested local integrators, influencers, technology adopters, and key decision makers is well defined. Just in the same way this whole market is well established. It’s an easy task to receive quality leads and quality support form the involved players. This game consists of exact rules.

The fastest possible way of growing the value of a technology company is defined clearly. ExactEase consultancy displays this path prepares your company and places it in a center of the business that grows around your technology. You also get the market understanding and the proper toolset to do the most right thing. The result is an attraction for which you are well prepared. The attraction that leads to deal closures and to the consequent grow of the revenue. After our mission, all that is required are your signatures below the documents of the license for the satisfied users of your technology and well defined (usually 3rd-line) support.

Key benefits of ExactEase advisory

  • tailoring the most efficient sales and marketing strategy,
  • establishing mature, working sales channels, and value chains for each market segment,
  • introductions and business relations with key players (corporate customers, system integrators, OEM partners, solution providers, influencers) for defined geographical regions,
  • mature licensing and reselling model,
  • sales and licensing toolset including agreement templates,
  • loyal sales policy for a combination of direct sales and (sometimes competitive) reselling partners,
  • pricing research and verification of pricing strategy,
  • evolvement of the marketing toolset, including web presence and content marketing,
  • definition of the most effective marketing methods (usually PR-Marketing, event-marketing on selected events, SEM/SEO verification),
  • training for the sales team or active work with the sales team for a given period,
  • professional toolset for a preparation of forecasts and for sales reporting,
  • turnaround strategies and strategy adaptations.

This is an exact expertise transferred in an easy way. Please introduce your company by using the contact form and let’s discuss the growth and the market together.

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