It’s a responsible decision to acquire a license for an innovative technology. There are dozens of startups and new fin-tech companies who offer new solutions that are indeed interesting. Startups consist of dynamic people who spend their investor’s funds on sales attempts and on the product development. But only some of them can offer quality product. There are good examples of useful technologies, that are already verified by banks and by telco carriers, that are offered by a flexible startup. But most of the startups cannot provide this kind of offer. How to verify this?

The verification of the new technology requires experience in technology sales, good view from the startup-insiders’ perspective, asking proper questions, and gathering independent data form the market. This what helps are real life experiences of early adopters and experienced system integrators. Also technical check and legal advisory has to be involved. Quite a lot of data has to be collected before the acquiring decision. ExactEase delivers this collection for you.

Exact data – allowing to make a responsible decision with ease

ExactEase makes your acquiring decision easy by providing data from independent sources. We collect for you the market and technical knowledge, including:

  • experiences from other enterprises,
  • contact to real managers’ and their real-life experiences,
  • verification data that are used to calculate the ROI,
  • true data that help in risk estimation,
  • comparisons and technical tests,
  • possible threads of new technology,
  • protection against typical legal flaws (liability, infringement of intellectual property)
  • proper questions that technology provider has to be asked,
  • best implementation practices in case of a positive decision.

ExactEase specialties

Solutions for automated interaction with end-users, speech&voice technologies, unified communication, authentication.

Our advisory is provider-agnostic and based on exact, independent data. So let’s be in touch:


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